College textbook costs have skyrocketed at 4 times inflation affecting students, families, and professors alike. Affordable textbook solutions are needed!

We the undersigned believe the following:

  • Textbooks should be affordable. Publishers should stop raising prices unfairly and offer a way to access each textbook for $30 or less per term without lowering quality.
  • High-quality, affordable textbooks already exist in many subjects. Professors can reduce costs by considering these options.
  • Open textbooks are an ideal solution, because they can be freely accessed, adapted and printed at a low cost. Decision-makers should prioritize support for open textbooks.

A compiled list of petition signatures will be delivered to college administrators and legislators to promote affordable textbook solutions.

  • Professors don’t like soaring prices, either! Send an email to faculty at my school on my behalf letting them know how they can join the affordable textbooks movement.
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A compiled petition of signatures will be delivered to college admins and legislators.

We appreciate your support.

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